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About Us

We founded Pyriscence LLC to design a revolutionary anti-microbial catheter that aims to reduce catheter associated UTIs, one of healthcare’s largest and most expensive problems. More than 30% of hospital acquired infections are related to catheter use. We learned this as first year medical students, but it wasn’t until we began working in the hospital and saw firsthand how these infections negatively impact our patients’ lives that we started working on this problem. Through research and collaboration with faculty across the University of Michigan, we have developed a novel catheter which produces reactive oxygen capable of destroying bacteria, one of the same weapons used by white blood cells in your body to battle invading organisms.

The Team

We're a team of medical students who are passionate about caring for our patients and decided to get together to solve one of healthcare's biggest problems. Learn more about the team and what motivated us to begin work on this project.

Alex Blaty

CEO & Cofounder

Alex Blaty is PGY1 at the University of Utah who is passionate about helping improve the lives of patients through clinical care, medical device development, and IT related quality improvement initiatives. Alex completed his undergraduate studies in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Michigan where his research involved modeling complex proto-stellar systems, learning many fundamentals that can be applied to modeling healthcare delivery to maximize quality and efficiency. During medical school, he decided to use his background in physics and new knowledge of biomolecular science to create Pyriscence LLC after seeing how current state-of-the-art medicine could fall short for so many patients. Alex plans to continue his work in device development throughout his career, but also looks forward to practicing clinical medicine after completing his residency program and hopes to improve the lives of patients and clinicians by utilizing machine learning to augment clinical decision making and make a smarter EMR.

"The most rewarding thing about working on this venture is getting to tackle a problem that nobody knows the answer to. In medical school, you get really good at remembering the knowledge passed down by others and reciting it when needed-- All the while, though, there is someone that knows the next step, the next test to order, maybe even the diagnosis. This venture has forced me to forge my own path, and it's exciting to come in every morning and not know what to expect, not know what I will learn that day." -- Alex Blaty

Tom Goslinga

CFO & Cofounder

Tom grew up in a rural area in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota for undergrad where he earned a Neuroscience BS.

"The thing that motivates me most is the huge gap in the current technology. So many things have been tried, but they inevitably don't work out. Our method is quite novel, nothing like it has been tried, and every success in the lab makes me more and more optimistic that what I'm spending my time working on is a game changer. " -- Tom Goslinga

Justin Blaty

Finance & Engineering

Justin grew up in Southeast Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Science in BioPhysics. He is currently pursuing his Medical Doctorate at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

"I enjoyed doing basic science research as an undergraduate knowing that one day the work I was doing could possibly impact medicine and the lives of patients. This project has been an exciting opportunity to work hands on to develop a product that could directly improve the safety of the patients in the hospitals I see every day. It is rewarding pushing the boundaries of medical innovations, not knowing what tomorrow may bring!" -- Justin Blaty

Our Vision

Learn about the multidimensional considerations of bringing our device to market, our market research/analysis, clinical considerations, in-vitro testing in our lab, and the engineering and production research we have done.

After seeing the impact of Catheter Associated Infections on the patients they were taking care of, Tom and Alex got together to find a better solution. In 2016, they formed Pyriscence LLC and developed the initial prototype of their revolutionary Foley catheter. In December of that year, they won the MIG/SCRUBS Shark Tank competition, raising enough capital to expand In-Vitro testing and demonstrate efficacy against S. aureus, E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Since then, they have continued refining their design and extended their multi-disciplinary collaboration to the University of Michigan Law School, where they've begun working with the Zell Entrepreneurship and Law program to develop a business plan and intellectual property rights.

Over the next year, they will continue to refine their prototype and begin in-vivo testing in cadaveric and animal models to better study the efficacy and safety of their device in a system that closely models the human body.

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If you share our passion for disruptive technology, please reach out and express your interest. We are looking for inspired minds to collaborate with us as co-conspirators, investors and business partners.

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